Tips for Success

We know that the people who serve low- and moderate-income individuals might not have the resources or know-how to put together a financial package for the building they need.

We also know that putting together a package for a redevelopment program involves multiple financial instruments and partners.

When you call Community Lenders, you are calling on the professional resources of more than two dozen community banks whose own success depends on your success. We also know and work daily with numerous economic development entities throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. So we can both tell you how we can help, and direct you to others who may partner with you in your efforts.

When we review your loan application, we look for the following:

  • Market feasibility—Do you have information that demonstrates your need?
  • Financial feasibility—Do you have financial documents that demonstrate your ability to repay the loaned amount?
  • Participation of other investors and financing resources, if applicable. Do you have other financial partners? If you already bank with a Community Lenders member bank, let us know who to contact.
  • Track record and capacity of development and management teams. Can you illustrate similar work with this organization or management experience with others?
  • Conformance to all applicable environmental, zoning, and building regulations. Have you presented your plans, formally or informally with municipal officials to confirm compliance?

Even if you aren’t ready with all of this information, please give us a call: We may be able to help you complete your preparation and speed the process along.

Community Reinvestment Act Regulations
Links to the Federal Reserve Bank, the FDIC, and other banking regulatory agencies.

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Residential Housing


We provide 30-year financing for low and middle-income housing projects. (not to individual homeowners).

Community Development


We provide 25 year financing for non-profits for facilities that will contribute to the area's development and economic well-being.

Mixed-Use Loans


For facilities that offer both housing and community development activities, we provide 25 or 30 year loans.

Our Interest Rates

Non-Profit: Call for a competitive rate quote
For-Profit: Call for a competitive rate quote

Rates are subject to change without notice.